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My Sales Career: Pursuing the Road Less Traveled

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Author: Zansi Trambadia, Named Account Manager, India 

Our career journey often takes us down unforeseen paths, and my own trajectory from a computer engineering graduate to a sales professional was unpredictable. Initially, I envisioned myself in a technical role, immersing myself in the world of algorithms and code, which aligned with my educational background and the expectations set by my academic and personal circles. However, despite my technical proficiency, I found that the fulfillment I sought eluded me within the confines of purely technical tasks. My genuine satisfaction stemmed from interactions beyond the screen—engaging with clients, delving into their business roadmaps, and understanding the intricacies of their operations. This pointed me towards a domain where my enthusiasm for technology and love for customer interaction could coalesce.

Taking a leap of faith into the sales domain was met with hesitance from my family, primarily because stepping into sales, especially as a woman within the tech industry, was unconventional in my family. Despite the initial skepticism, I was compelled by the impact I could make. This shift was not just a career change; it was a transition towards a role where I felt genuinely fulfilled. Fast forward 13 years, having represented some of the most renowned companies in the tech industry, and working with some of the large organizations of the globe as my clientele, I can confidently assert that my decision to venture into sales was one of the best I have made. This journey has not only been about selling products but about forging meaningful relationships, understanding diverse business ecosystems, and contributing to their growth and success. In hindsight, there is not a single path I would have rather taken.

Here’s my advice for those considering a change in career:

Cultivate Unwavering Self-Belief

  • An unconventional path requires an unwavering belief in oneself, a mindset that must be maintained continuously. Remember, believing in yourself is not just the starting point; it's a constant state of being.

Balance Smart Work with Hard Work

  • Smart work optimizes your path, but hard work lays the foundation, ensuring that you're prepared for the marathon ahead. Adopting smart work without the backbone of hard work is like building a castle on sand—potentially impressive, but ultimately unsustainable.

Embrace Constructive Criticism

  • Surrounding yourself with mentors, peers, and guides who point you towards your true north is invaluable. These individuals act as compasses in your life, offer insights and perspectives that can refine your direction and approach. Seeking and valuing this guidance is not just about correcting courses; it's about accelerating your growth and enhancing your journey towards achieving your unconventional goals.

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