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My Work Experience at Palo Alto Networks: Teamwork, Guidance and Innovation

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Author: Gary Hu, Systems Engineer

I joined Palo Alto Networks in 2022 as a systems engineer, and I would like to share my work experience with you. I will focus on three aspects: teamwork, management’s guidance and the company's innovation in products. These are the key factors that have made my job exciting and fulfilling.

First and foremost, teamwork has been one of the most profound experiences since my onboarding. From day one, I have been inspired by the friendly and helpful nature of my colleagues. They are always willing to share their knowledge and experiences, both in our day-to-day work and during team meetings. Whenever I encounter challenges, I can count on the support and assistance of my teammates, which makes me feel welcomed and valued. Together, we strive to achieve our team's goals, share the joy of success, and overcome obstacles as a cohesive unit. The culture of teamwork not only enhances our work efficiency but also fosters a sense of belonging within this big family.

Secondly, I am delighted with the guidance provided by my manager. They possess both expertise and experience, always offering encouragement and support. They provide clear direction and valuable advice regarding the company's vision, goals, and career planning.

Lastly, the company's commitment to innovation is truly exciting. In a traditional security market where single-point solutions were prevalent, Palo Alto Networks introduced a groundbreaking concept of platform-based security, leveraging AI/ML technologies to address customers' security challenges comprehensively. This innovative approach demands us, as systems engineers, to become well-rounded security architects. The company's innovative mindset and pursuit of excellence ignite my passion for the work and drive me to embrace challenges. Working in such an environment, full of opportunities and room for growth, allows me to make significant contributions to both my personal development and the company's success.

Teamwork, manager's guidance and the company's product innovation are all key factors that make my job interesting and exciting. I am grateful to be part of this inspiring team, and I welcome you to join us.




我在 Palo Alto Networks 的工作经历:团队合作、经理指导、公司创新


我在2022年加入Palo Alto Networks,作为一名system engineer,并且我想与你分享一下我的工作体验。下面我分享三个方面,团队合作、管理者的指引以及公司在产品上创新。













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