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Palo Alto Networks Culture of Innovation and Growth

Pritanshi 2 650X440

Author: Pritanshi Khurana | Principal Data UI/UX Engineer, IT

Working at Palo Alto Networks is much more than just having a job, it's where my career and passion converge. Collaborating with brilliant minds helps me learn and grow daily. Every project comes with its unique opportunities and challenges, keeping it exciting for me. Continuous learning and experimenting with creative solutions for the tasks at hand ensures there's never a dull moment.

Employees want to go above and beyond to help and support their colleagues in need. Teams come up with new ideas and innovative solutions knowing that they have a voice at the table. My colleagues and I express ourselves freely over a cup of Chai without the fear of judgment.

That's what makes the culture at Palo Alto Networks really special. I believe every individual within the organization, from frontline employees to top executives, has played a part in building this culture.

In my three years here, I have always tried to provide creative solutions for projects that came my way instead of just doing what is asked. My work ethic and commitment got me recognition across teams, allowing me to collaborate on BI projects from business verticals like Sales, Customer 360, IT, Product, HR, Commissions, etc.

From a growth perspective, I got a promotion last year and I feel highly motivated to keep performing and growing as the company grows.

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