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Palo Alto Networks India Catalyst Speaker Series

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We launched the Catalyst Speaker Series Program in India in November 2023 and it aims at deepening our engagement with our company's values through the stories of renowned figures and teams from outside the Palo Alto Networks ecosystem. This initiative is a unique opportunity for us to reflect on our strategic approach and inspire innovation and have a thriving culture.

We were honored to welcome Mr. M Sankaran, a key figure from the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and a driving force behind the revolutionary Chandrayaan Mission, as a guest speaker at our latest Episode of Catalyst Speaker Series. This was a remarkable achievement as it put a Lunar Lander on the South Pole of the Moon and changed the game for Lunar exploration as we know it. The entire project was conceptualized, executed and project managed flawlessly at every stage - at a fraction of the cost! 

Our session with Mr. Sankaran, held on the 3rd of April in Bangalore, was a deep dive into the challenges and triumphs of the Chandrayaan Mission. It highlighted the power of vision, teamwork and strategic execution in reaching ambitious goals.

His insights into achieving groundbreaking milestones in space exploration with unparalleled efficiency and collaboration were truly inspiring.

We're grateful to Mr. Sankaran for sharing his journey and lessons with us. It was a reminder of the potential that lies in pursuing innovation and working together towards common objectives.

Stay connected for more inspiring sessions from our "Catalyst" series! Check out our careers page and learn more about #LifeAtPaloAltoNetworks on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter!



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