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Reflecting on Professional Growth at Palo Alto Networks

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Author: Peter Kirubakaran N | Manager, SW Engineering

Working at Palo Alto Networks has proven to be an enriching professional journey. My role within the platform engineering group has bestowed numerous opportunities for growth. Joining as the inaugural team member allowed me to establish the team from the ground up. As I reflect on the subsequent transition from an individual contributor to a managerial position, here is what has stood out. 

One particularly noteworthy aspect has been the collaborative work environment, with leaders who instill trust and recognize the value of our outcomes, fostering a strong and united team that serves as a constant motivation. When we were tasked with developing an observability platform, the excellent coordination within the team and working across time zones and collaborating with the cross-functional team led to a rewarding outcome.

Palo Alto Networks places a strong emphasis on continuous learning and development, evident through various training programs and workshops that have significantly enhanced my skill set. The recent DiSC session was particularly insightful.

Furthermore, the company demonstrates a commitment to employee well-being through initiatives such as FLEXBenefits which gives the flexibility to choose what will benefit my family and me the most. This enabled us to buy gadgets that my family needed to enhance our skills and work on our hobbies. 

My tenure at Palo Alto Networks has been immensely gratifying on both professional and personal fronts. The convergence of cutting-edge technology, a collaborative culture and a dedication to employee growth establishes it as an exceptional workplace. Join us!

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