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SE Academy: The Best First Step In My Career

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Author: Nessia Lu, Associate Systems Engineer

With a deep passion for the field of information security, I firmly believe that joining Palo Alto Networks was the ideal choice for me. As the first step in my career, the System Engineer (SE) Academy is undoubtedly the best starting point. Here, Palo Alto Networks provides us with a one-year training program, covering theoretical knowledge, practical experiments and simulated customer scenarios, allowing us to quickly and effectively acquire the skills required for the job.

At the SE Academy, new challenges seem to become less daunting.

Our managers have planned reasonable training courses and assessments, constantly adjusting based on feedback from each individual. Daily learning covers industry basics, company product introductions and customer-facing skills, ensuring our comprehensive development.

Team members come from different educational backgrounds and cultural environments. Through continuous communication and collision of thoughts, we not only have the ability to view problems from different perspectives but also have established strong and profound team friendships.

In the local office, experienced SEs are always generous in sharing their knowledge and patiently answering our basic questions, often combining them with practical customer cases to deepen our understanding.

Although most of our training and communication are conducted through online meetings, our managers always make the meetings engaging and continuously interact to ensure that we truly understand the knowledge we are learning. What's even more exciting is that the company arranges regular opportunities for face-to-face team exchanges. In the past two quarters, we have had week-long exchange training sessions at the headquarters in Silicon Valley and the office in Singapore, which have brought us unforgettable memories.

I am truly honored to be part of Palo Alto Networks' mission. Disruption, execution, collaboration, inclusion and integrity are our core values, and I have personally experienced the firm commitment to these values. In such an environment, I am filled with anticipation, hoping to grow into an outstanding system engineer soon!
















我真的非常荣幸能够参与公司的这个项目中。Disruption、Execution、Collaboration、Integrity 和是公司的核心价值观,我亲身真切地体会到了公司对这些价值观的坚定践行。在这样的环境中,我满怀期待,希望自己早日成长为一名杰出的系统工程师!


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