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The Future of Work

Yen Web1

“I love my job because I get to play a small part in securing our future way of life. I look after those working tirelessly to make that happen.”

I was approached to join the Workplace Resources team in Singapore when I was running a think-design co-working space. Being amongst start-ups and entrepreneurs, I loved the high energy, dynamism, and collaborative spirit. At first, I was hesitant at the idea of joining a more mature work environment in the highly technical space of cybersecurity. I felt nervous as I came from the hospitality industry where I was a wellness specialist, and I knew nothing about cybersecurity. That very quickly was put to rest as I found myself working with a dream team and every single person that I came across from day one has been welcoming, helpful, and smart. I can count on my colleagues to give me honest feedback when something is not working, and at the same time, I can always count on them for help.

Joining Palo Alto Networks, I was excited to learn about the products and to educate myself on cloud services and solutions. It could not be more different than what I was trained in but I wanted to stretch myself and to grow out of my comfort zone so the learning got easier. There are online modules that I can take to help me learn about our products and services, as well as webinars and workshops that I can attend to improve myself. This knowledge has helped me tremendously in crafting the work experience and enhancing employee’s engagement through targeted amenities, events and CSR activities. Another thing that stood out is that there are many opportunities for cross-functional projects here and there is an amazing amount of internal mobility to broaden your scope and experience.

I love my job because I get to play a small part in securing our future way of life, by looking after the people who are working tirelessly to make that happen. My goal is to create spaces that are high-performing to enable collaboration, creative ideas and productivity. This is the future that I am building at Palo Alto Networks.

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