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Service That Never Stops Making a Difference

Veteran Employee Blog

With unique skill sets and a wide range of practical experience, military veterans play a vital role in our ongoing mission to protect the digital way of life around the globe.

Wherever they served, veterans share our values of disruption, execution, collaboration, integrity, and inclusion, and their proven abilities to adapt, solve problems and collaborate across teams have helped Palo Alto Networks set a new standard of excellence as we work to create a safer future.

We welcome those who have transitioned into civilian careers here and found new missions, new challenges, and new opportunities to be part of something greater than themselves.

That’s among the reasons behind the formation of Veterans’ Engaged Together: VETSNET, our Employee Network Group for Veterans , which creates a direct conduit for employees who have served their countries to share their experience, strength and hope with each other and with the rest of their team members.


“As the son of a late Indian Air Force officer, I have a deep and personal regard for those who serve in the military,” said Palo Alto Networks CEO Nikesh Arora. “When I think about the increasingly complex cybersecurity challenges that governments and industries face, I know that veterans – many of whom bring specialized training and expertise into their civilian careers – will be a critical resource for Palo Alto Networks. We remain committed to engaging, supporting, training, and hiring veterans around the world.”

No matter why they joined the military to begin with, our veterans are keenly aware of the valuable skills they’ve derived from their service – and how their experience continues to propel them and our company forward today.

“I learned a variety of skills to effectively work as a member of a team,” said Global Intelligence Analyst Matthew Jensen. “Patience, stress management, and trust were all drilled into me and have been vital in the collaborative process.”

For Director of Customer Success Francisco Breijo, the lessons he learned in the military have helped him with “making tough decisions, balancing mission accomplishment with troop welfare and maintaining outcomes.”

As a proud Military Friendly® Employer, we also are committed to cybersecurity education that will help our veterans learn and sharpen new skills as they continue building successful careers in this critical industry.

Another one of our key goals at Palo Alto Networks is creating a community where veterans from any military background or country can flourish, and we use sponsored events, networking opportunities and mentorship resources to help them grow here and throughout the wider tech industry.

We also rely on our veterans to look out for each other and for fellow service members who are contemplating making the civilian transition. To that end, they offer support, encouragement, and advice to those who may follow in their boot steps.

“You have a unique set of skills that those who have never served cultivate over a lifetime,” said Scott Widdifield, Global Director, DoD2 USAF, USN, USMC, PacRim, Defense Agencies. “Ask for help. Veterans start with a servant mindset, but in order to help, you must also be willing to ask for what you want.”

“Use your skills and experience as a person and not necessarily as a former service person,” said Customer Success Manager Tom Cleary. “You have many transferable skills that will be obvious in any interview, but to get to that stage you have to ensure that your CV cannot be missed. Get advice when putting your CV in place, show friends, family and reach out to non-service professionals to give you accurate feedback.”

The bottom line for Cleary? Simple: “Be the best you can be.”

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