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Culture Transcript


SPEAKER 1: The best thing about working here is really the camaraderie. People ask me this– I do a lot of interviewing, people who want to come and join. And they’ll talk about what is the culture like. And it is really highly collaborative.

SPEAKER 2: Here at Palo Alto Networks, you feel the culture, with the people you bring on.

SPEAKER 3: I don’t think you could really put it into words, but it’s the fact that all of us love to work together. And we’re all different. Our culture isn’t that all of us are the same personalities or the same cultures.

SPEAKER 4: Diversity to exist, it is important for us to have an inclusive environment.

SPEAKER 5: You can be your true self at work. We actually love the fact that you’re that way. You have that diversity of thought as well. And with all that diversity, we’re coming out with great ideas. Because if I wanted to hire people that thought exactly like me all the time, we wouldn’t have any good ideas.

SPEAKER 6: Is be included in the team and be able to work with the best support.

SPEAKER 7: We learn every day. And to learn from different types of people, who might not be stereotypical business people, is really powerful.

SPEAKER 2: I’m a big believer in teamwork. I always tell the team we can’t do this by ourselves.

SPEAKER 8: What we’re here for every day is not just work, it’s also the people that we work with. So we share the same value and we care about each other.

SPEAKER 3: Sometimes you just have to take risks on things and see if this sounds like something you would like. And if you don’t like it, that’s OK.

SPEAKER 9: Be your best doesn’t necessarily mean perfectionism. The company encourages you to make mistakes, and make mistakes early, to fail early, and to learn from them. And that permission to make mistakes really promotes this growth-oriented culture that allows you to become the best worker.

SPEAKER 10: None of us on the team are afraid to raise concerns when somebody is bringing up something which might not fit the feature they are developing.

SPEAKER 11: Think unthinkable, and don’t, basically, hesitate to challenge the status quo.

SPEAKER 12: Engaging in a way that is collaborative and drives value towards meeting the mission and vision of the company.

SPEAKER 2: Our mission statement, our goal is to go protect digital way of life for our customers.

SPEAKER 13: And at the end of day, it’s the mission that binds us and the mission that drives us.

SPEAKER 14: You feel it in every level in the company. And I can say for a fact that it is very disruptive.

SPEAKER 1: I came from an era when you– when something was disruptive, it was seen as negative. And now it’s seen as a force for good. And when you think about the disruption and innovation, we really are, we are turning the industry upside down.

SPEAKER 15: But we are a very innovative company. And we are constantly driving innovation within the company as well.

SPEAKER 16: You can sometimes expect a little bit of people ego. For where we are, we are the top. We are the leader. We are– we are– we are– But, actually, when it came to Palo Alto Networks, there’s like no ego environment.

SPEAKER 17: We never bash competitors. We always treat them with respect and trust, because I think that’s key.

SPEAKER 18: I would say, if you think anything is good for our customers and good for company, go ahead and do it.

SPEAKER 19: We hire people on their sense of urgency and care. And that’s what drives this customer focus, not just in support, but all the way through Palo Alto Networks.

SPEAKER 9: And it’s very clear that Palo Alto Networks is very, very invested in their employees. And so I’ve been able to wrap up very quickly here. It’s been a very positive experience and I’m just so happy.