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Inspired by our employees, in May of 2020, our CEO announced FLEXWORK, creating an employee-centric work environment that focuses on each of us, uniquely. In leading with employee choice, personalization, and flexibility, we’re reimagining the future of work, together.

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Designed for all, made for you

It’s all about you. People are unique, so we’re creating a personalized and choice-based approach. FLEXWORK is designed to support your strengths, needs, and growth, uniquely.

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Leading with Choice and Trust

We lead with employee choice to enable every individual’s best work and best life. Read more from Liane Hornsey, Chief People Officer at Palo Alto Networks.

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FLEXWORK at Palo Alto Networks

We want to be the most employee-centric company there is. Within the last year, we’ve launched new initiatives stemming from FLEXWORK – with more to come – all centered around employee choice and making the absolute best employee experience possible. Learn more about a few initiatives below.


FLEXLearn: Your needs, strengths, and passions make you unique. FLEXLearn embraces your individuality and helps you achieve your learning ambitions – whatever they are.

FLEXBenefits (non-entity contractors excluded): We provide benefits that put you in the driver’s seat — giving you the final say of what you need and how you get it. We offer resources to meet you wherever you are in life to make sure you and your family are healthy, supported and protected.

FLEXLead: Great leaders continuously raise their game, enhance their skills and improve their effectiveness. FLEXLead is our leadership toolkit, designed for leaders and available to all, to provide continuous learning resources that fuel our growth.

FLEXLocation: We are pushing the boundaries of hybrid working, and we are able to do this because we believe in employee choice, and because we trust our employees to make decisions that work best for them and their families.

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The FLEXWORK Coalition

We’re committed to turn change and complexity into a simplistic opportunity for the industry, beyond our company. We’re working with others to share, innovate, and disrupt outdated models of working.

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