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Welcome, Candidates

Welcome to Palo Alto Networks India

We hire leaders.

We ensure each day is safer than the one before. Join us to help build a more secure future for the world. Contribute to our mission of becoming the cybersecurity partner of choice by protecting our digital way of life.

We value Disruption, Execution, Collaboration, Integrity, and Inclusion.

Meet Our Talent Acquisition Team

Getting Ready For Your Interview

Important Tips to consider

Job description

  • Be sure to understand the scope of responsibilities. Even if the role doesn’t sound like a perfect fit, don’t worry, tell us why you are the right fit for the position.   

Communicate well

  • During your interview, if a question is not clear to you, feel free to ask for clarification. The interviewer is there to help you. We’re looking for people who can communicate and interact well with others.     

How do you solve the problem?

  • Answer the question as best as you can by providing relevant examples, metrics, or details. If you need a pen and paper to find a solution, feel free to do so. We are interested in your approach to solving a problem and not just your solution. 

Palo Alto Networks IT blog 

  • Check out our IT blog Tech Insider and learn about our innovation, products and initiatives. Tell us what you think!  

Center Of Excellence

Palo Alto Networks India has state of the art technology centers in Bengaluru, Gurgaon and Pune. We play a key role in developing cutting edge cybersecurity solutions. Our India teams are filled with top talents who thrive in an excellent culture. We are a great place to work with a focus on the career and personal success of our employees, who have access to mentorship and learning opportunities with senior engineers and leaders based in Bangalore and around the world. Palo Alto Networks prides itself on being a global company, and our success in collaboration and communication across time zones reflects that.


FLEX & CHOICE is an employee-centric reimagining of how we work. We built FLEX & CHOICE based on employee feedback – it is about flexibility, trust, and choice whenever possible. It’s been a journey of disruption that has yielded the best of our values. We offer as much flexibility as possible, and choices that enable you to be most productive, including benefits that meet your needs and learning opportunities that you feel passionate about.

FLEXLearn: Your needs, strengths, and passions make you unique. FLEXLearn embraces your individuality and helps you achieve your learning ambitions – whatever they are. Learning without limits, elevating your performance, and fuel your curiosity.

FLEXBenefits (non-entity contractors excluded): Our benefits exist to help maximize your time and meet your needs – in and out of work. We remove the headaches and provide you resources that free you up to focus on the things in life that matter most. Whatever your priority, we’ve got you covered, benefits for every moment in life.

FLEXLead: Great leaders continuously raise their game, enhance their skills and improve their effectiveness. FLEXLead is our leadership toolkit, designed for leaders and available to all, to provide continuous learning resources that fuel our growth.

FLEX Public Holidays: We value employees as diverse individuals. We offer the choice to celebrate the local public holidays in the country you work in or request to swap that day for one that is more meaningful to you personally.


Early In Career Talent Program - LEAP

Welcoming our university partners to our Bangalore office for the campus engagement event “Confluence 2022”. We are excited to showcase our industry-leading cybersecurity innovation, our FLEXWORK culture, and how our mission to make each day safer than the one before comes to life!

Hear from Some of Our New Grads

Life At Palo Alto Networks