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Inspired by our employees, in May of 2020, our CEO announced the concept of flexible working—FLEXWORK—creating a work environment that centers on our employees. In leading with employee choice, we’re reimagining the future of work with greater recognition of individuality.

Palo Alto Networks founded the FLEXWORK Coalition, joining together forward-thinking companies to accelerate the development and implementation of employee-centric work practices. By creating a framework that defines the core strategies that need to change to embrace the future of work, the FLEXWORK Coalition is helping organizations meet the needs of their employees, evolving the way we work.


FLEXLearn: Your needs, strengths, and passions make you unique. FLEXLearn embraces your individuality and helps you achieve your learning ambitions – whatever they are. Learning without limits, elevating your performance, and fuel your curiosity.

FLEXBenefits (non-entity contractors excluded): Our benefits exist to help maximize your time and meet your needs – in and out of work. We remove the headaches and provide you resources that free you up to focus on the things in life that matter most. Whatever your priority, we’ve got you covered, benefits for every moment in life.

FLEXLead: Great leaders continuously raise their game, enhance their skills and improve their effectiveness. FLEXLead is our leadership toolkit, designed for leaders and available to all, to provide continuous learning resources that fuel our growth.

FLEX Public Holidays: We value employees as diverse individuals. We offer the choice to celebrate the local public holidays in the country you work in or request to swap that day for one that is more meaningful to you personally.


Employee Network Groups (ENG) are voluntary, employee-led groups that foster a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with our organizational mission, values, and goals yielding an environment of belonging and best-in-class practices and solutions. From our current ENGs, we have 4 official chapters in the JAPAC region with the opportunity for more as we grow!


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Learn more about how we embrace, commit, and lead through I&D here.




Who we are

Emerging and established markets throughout the world are looking for guidance as they approach challenging cybersecurity threats. Our offices in Japan, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, throughout India, and more are working hand-in-hand with our clients as they approach the evolution of cyber attacks.

Cyber Safe Kids Campaign
The goal of the Cyber Safe Kids Program is to equip Australian children with the cyber knowledge and skills to succeed and be safe in today’s rapidly changing threat landscape. Cyber Safe Kids recognises that helping children become more digitally secure requires educating as many parents, guardians, kids, and teachers as possible. To this end, Palo Alto Networks is offering our free Cyber A.C.E.S. (Activities in Cybersecurity Education for Students) learning resources to support Australia’s cyber safety training for children and youth.

View more details in the press release here and check out some videos below!

Let’s talk about #Phishing
Oversharing on Social Media?
#CyberSafeKids​ Event Highlights

Meet our customer, Aiways
Aiways focuses on the production of pure electric vehicles and the development of artificial intelligence systems to solve the needs of smart transportation, shared travel, and energy management.

Meet Ann Zhang, Technical Director of China Commercial Market
Ann has been working in the cybersecurity industry for nearly 20 years. Started her SE career with Symantec. During the sixteen years, she tried different pre-sales technical positions: some who directly face customers, some who support sales channels, and then slowly started to lead a team. Now, she is the regional director of pre-sales technical support of Palo Alto Networks.

Meet our customer, Kerry Logistics

Kerry Logistics is an Asia-based, global third-party logistics (3PL) provider with the strongest network in Asia. Its core competency is providing highly customized solutions to multinational corporations and international brands to enhance their supply chain efficiency, reduce overall costs, and improve response time to market.

Power of Diversity (Panel Discussion in Cantonese)

We discussed and shared our experiences in building inclusive and diverse workplaces. Each speaker shared their personal experiences and recommendations on the Power of Diversity as well as their lives at Palo Alto Networks. Watch the panel discussion here: Palo Alto Networks Hong Kong

Visit our Hong Kong Youtube Channel here.

Center of Excellence
We’re building a Center of Excellence in India that will be working on IT’s most strategic programs. This existing team is filled with top talent has already delivered incredible results for the company. A winning team that genuinely cares about both the success of the business and personal growth. There are great mentorship and learning opportunities with Senior Engineers and leaders based in Bangalore and around the world. Palo Alto Networks prides itself on being a global company, and our success in collaboration and communication across time zones reflects that.

Meet Junko Okuyama, Regional Sales Manager
Junko shares her career story and how continuing to work as a woman in the Japanese IT industry is not as easy as you might imagine, but Palo Alto Networks is fighting to help change that.

Meet Aiko Soda, JAPAC Demand Generation Hub Campaign Manager
Akiko is responsible for creating demand through digital marketing activities throughout the Japan and Asia Pacific markets. This position requires close collaboration with marketing and sales teams around the world. See why she says it feels like she gets to collaborate with some of the best colleagues in the industry.

Meet our customer, Chatwork
Chatwork Co., Ltd. provides a business chat tool that replaces email, telephone, and conference and has introduced “Prisma Cloud (former name: Twistlock)” of Palo Alto Networks for the purpose of strengthening the security of the service infrastructure built in the container environment.

Meet our customer, GVA Tech
GVA TECH develops and operates legal tech services such as the contract check service “AI-CON” by AI and the corporate registration support service “AI-CON registration”. The company has adopted a container environment and Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma Cloud (formerly known as Twistlock) was introduced with the aim of strengthening the security of this system infrastructure.

Take a virtual tour of our Tokyo office in this video.

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