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Launch A Legendary Career

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New Graduate Opportunities

You’ve just graduated—a great accomplishment! Now you might be wondering, what’s next? You may feel excited yet overwhelmed, and we are here to help you find a successful path.

Getting ahead of tomorrow’s cyber threats requires innovative talent that disrupts the security status quo. We value what early-in-career employees bring to the table, and trust you to execute meaningful work that builds a secure future for the world. 

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Our LEAP Program

The year-long, global LEAP Program is made up of technical and non-technical professionals committed to protecting our digital way of life. We equip you with knowledge and skills to excel in your career through:

  • An early-in-career community 
  • Social events to build your network
  • Access to mentors and support from the Early Talent Team
  • Exposure to and support from executive leadership 
  • Professional development events that help you navigate your career 


Areas We Hire:

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Our Academies

Each of our academies fall under the LEAP Program to provide additional training in key job areas. Entry level opportunities follow specialized tracks for Unit 42 Consulting, Product Management, Sales, and Systems Engineering.

Apply To Academies

A year-long accelerated academy designed to develop Associate Consultants into successful Unit 42 Consultants. The academy covers Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DFIR), Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC), and Offensive Security (OffSec).

An accelerated academy that develops early-in-career PMs into experienced PMs. Early-in-career PMs ramp up through a specific program curriculum and two twelve-month rotations: each with a different product, manager, and team. 

A year-long academy designed to arm early-in-Career Business Development Representatives with sales skills such as prospecting, lead generation, and business etiquette. We develop world-class sales representatives that connect customers to our solutions.

A year-long, accelerated academy designed to arm new grads with critical skills and knowledge to be successful Systems Engineers at Palo Alto Networks.

Life At Palo Alto Networks