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LEAP Grad Program

You’re graduating—congratulations! But now you face a new challenge: building a career. In school your curriculum helped guide you, but your professional life is an open world of possibilities. It can be both exciting and intimidating and we are here to help you find your own path to success.

We have built our company on a foundation of challenging the way things are done, and we’re looking for incredible talent to help us continue this trajectory. In return, your career will have a tangible impact – one that’s working toward technology that affects every level of society. Join us to help build a more secure future for the world.

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What is LEAP?

The LEAP program is made up of early-in-career professionals launching into a variety of fields who want to be part of an industry committed to protecting our digital way of life.

LEAP is a one year long program designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to excel in your career.

We also provide a global community for new grads to create connections with each other throughout the company and throughout the world.



LEAP Program Overview

There are specific skills that help you succeed in your role, regardless of where your career takes you, but certain qualities are always consistently important across any career path. The LEAP Program focuses on these skills, including communication, adaptability, and elevating your performance, to help enable you as you launch your career.

Areas We Hire:


Our Academies

Our academies are built within the LEAP Program to provide more specialized training in key job areas.

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Our Academies

Our academies are built within the LEAP Program to provide more specialized training in key job areas.

Pushing innovative ideas and products through development sounds rewarding, right? Product managers at Palo Alto Networks protect some of the world’s most sensitive data from constant threats by bringing together the needs of our clients with our engineer’s solutions.

As part of our Product Manager Academy, you’ll learn how to brainstorm, innovate, and disrupt the industry by creating roadmaps and product ideas that defend the world from digital dangers.

Sales is a challenging career path. It’s all about building relationships, education, and persevering through rejection. It’s been said that “everyone is in sales,” so being able to stand out is key. How does Palo Alto Networks’ sales staff do that? Empathy. We care about the security of our clients, and how it keeps their business moving forward.

Join our Sales Academy to learn from the best cybersecurity sellers. Through in-depth training, you will learn to sell a portfolio of products, tell an authentic story, and build trusting relationships.

As architects of cybersecurity, Palo Alto Network’s systems engineers survey the landscape, identify imminent threats, and collaborate with clients to blend existing products with never-before-used techniques, safeguarding our customers’ most valuable information.

You’ll join an elite cohort of recent technical college graduates for a one-year intense immersion into cybersecurity, Palo Alto Networks technologies, automation, and on-the-job learning.

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