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Kartik Rao


Kartik Rao

Senior Technical Recruiter

Seasoned TA partner with over 7+ years in Talent partnering. A multi-faceted professional and strategic thinker with experience in driving Talent initiatives to realize bottom-line results in the pursuit of organizational objectives, building and motivating large multicultural teams that well exceed expectations, here by building a world-class team of software engineers in Palo Alto Networks 

What advice would you give to a candidate preparing for an interview? 

Be Authentic. Start with Research; use social media and the company’s website for insight into workplace culture, Values, current projects, and future goals, and contact network connections who might be able to provide input. The interviewer is ultimately looking for passionate, creative, and productive employees, and you’ll communicate this to them with your company knowledge. Plus, if you feel confident about the company and want to work there, this natural enthusiasm will shine through during the interview.

How can someone be a more competitive candidate?

Now, perhaps more than ever, presenting yourself in a positive manner to potential employers is essential. Don't let your communication skills slip away when connecting with interviewers. Show your energy — but be authentic: Don't go overboard with your eagerness; instead, be yourself and find opportunities to show your enthusiasm.

Additionally, the way you answer the interview questions is important, but when you're interviewing virtually, eye contact is key. Smile and project your voice confidently.