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Shira Hofmann


Shira Hofmann

Technical Sourcer

I'm sourcing for the best candidates out there! I recruit for all types of roles at Palo Alto Networks, focusing mostly in development positions. I love my job, and I'm looking for candidates who also love what they’re doing, motivated, fast learners, ambitious and team players.

What advice would you give to a candidate preparing for an interview?

Make sure that you are fully prepared for the interview. By preparing, you will feel much more calm and confident. spend time reading about our company and products. think about relevant examples for a typically asked questions, and make sure you can talk about your experiences and skills as written in your resume. It’s important to remember that the interview goes both ways, so ask your interviewer questions about the company and upcoming challenges.

How can someone be a more competitive candidate?

Be yourself, show confidence and a "can do" approach. show your motivation for the specific role and highlight your strengths.

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