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Shiran Serussi

Shiran Serussi

Shiran Serussi

Technical Recruiter

For me being a recruiter is a valuable position and it’s so exciting for me to take part in building the Palo Alto strategy. I love to influence candidates' career changes and help them to fulfill their goals and destiny. I see in recruitment a significant part of the business, my ground rule is to provide the best candidate experience Accompanied by professional and Experiential processes.

What advice would you give to a candidate preparing for an interview?

First of all smile! Your smile is a great opening for an interview and for a solid interaction. Second, come prepared to the interviews, learn about the company, read about the role, and make sure you know with whom you’re going to meet.

How can someone be a more competitive candidate?

Keep high energy and make sure you deliver your own story It is important to maintain confidence and show creativity, open mindset, and authenticity - these are the main keys to succeed in your role and the environment.

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