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Tanya Donigevich

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Tanya Donigevich

Senior Tech Recruiter (Contractor)

As a recruiter, I am not only a hiring manager's partner, but also a candidate's advocate. When leading a hiring process, my goal is to understand each role we are hiring for and the way candidates' skills will be assessed against this role. This allows me to share valuable information with candidates so that all expectations are met. Later on, to push for a hiring decision and finally if the right candidate is found, to build the best offer I can for them. All this enables me to provide a great candidate experience and hire the best for Palo Alto Networks.

What advice would you give to a candidate preparing for an interview?
Ask the recruiter questions about what to expect during the interview. After all, you can't be prepared for the unknown, right? So, whether it's about topics you'd expect to be asked or the interview setting awaiting you, try to ask everything that will make you feel like you know what the interview process looks like.

How can someone be a more competitive candidate?

There is actually a lot you can do, but I would say that two aspects are particularly important to keep in mind:

First, once you come prepared, motivation and a positive mindset will make you stand out. These should be demonstrated throughout the interview process.

Second, and equally important, remember that from the very first call with a recruiter or coordinator, every stakeholder you'll be in touch with during the hiring process will eventually have an input that impacts the decision whether to proceed or not with an offer.