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​​Inside Inspiration: Internal Mobility Offers Homegrown Opportunities


Since she started at Palo Alto Networks in 2017, internal mobility has helped define career success for SMB South District Sales Manager Yumei Peterson.

“My journey was only possible through internal mobility because our company was open and nimble enough to make things happen if there was a good reason for it,” Yumei said.

The internal Mobility program at Palo Alto Networks means team members don’t have to look outside the company to find chances to learn and grow. The program encourages current employees to transition into open roles within the company, and provides an easy application platform and a direct line to hiring managers. 

Internal mobility has certainly worked for Yumei, who was initially hired for an entry level inside sales position. Determined to explore more demanding roles, she began “trailblazing” her own path and discussed some of that journey in a 2021 blog post that covered her Palo Alto Networks career up to that point.

“These were moments in time where my hustle met opportunities, which resulted in dream jobs for me,” she wrote. “Expect and embrace change to seize the opportunities at hand.” 

Internal mobility is all about discovering and leveraging opportunities, and Yumei took advantage of every chance to build her skillset. In January 2022, she started a new role on the product team as the GTM Business Development Manager for HW and AIOps.

“I loved driving our HW and AIOps business in this role and gaining a new muscle to flex,” she said. “I have learned that a career is a journey and not a destination. The great news is that we get to write our own story and steer the direction of our journey. The best paths are usually filled with unexpected turns and adventures; it is where you learn new skills, make new friends, gain fresh perspectives and become the best version of yourself.”

After more than a year in that position, Yumei was chosen to lead a team of sellers as the District Sales Manager for SMB South.

“From sales to sales operations to sales programs, to sales strategy, to product GTM and now sales leadership, I am setting myself up for a journey of a lifetime,” she said. “What's next is TBD and I can't wait for it to unveil itself.”

Although Yumei’s determination and track record of success set her apart, her internal mobility story is not uncommon. The Palo Alto Networks program helps open doors to many of the multi-faceted roles in the company, empowering team members to explore areas they may not have otherwise.

“Through all of these dynamic experiences, I developed new ‘muscles,’ gained new knowledge, widened my worldview, expanded my network and became a jack of many trades,” Yumei wrote in her blog post.

As she looks back on her six years at Palo Alto Networks, Yumei is grateful she’s been able to turn these opportunities into a career she loves with a company she feels values and supports her.

“I would recommend internal mobility for our employees,” she said. “The grass is not always greener on the other side and if you believe in the vision and the mission of Palo Alto Networks, there is no reason to go somewhere else to grow your skills and experience.”

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