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FLEXBenefits Offers Support of All Types

Stephanie Carlos FLEX Blog Photo

by Stephanie Carlos, Risk Management Operations Manager, JUNTOS ENG President

Earlier this year I hurt my back — nothing serious, but I was uncomfortable for a few weeks. In the early days after my injury I realized I needed a few items to help with the discomfort, such as a lumbar support pillow and different kinds of exercise equipment, among other things.

My doctor suggested some products, like the lumbar support pillow, and said it would help with the discomfort. I never realized how little lumbar support I had prior to that and what a difference it is to sleep with your spine fully supported. I also got an extra cushioned yoga mat to help when I (carefully) stretched.

Luckily, FLEXBenefits were available so I could expense these things to start getting my health back in order. While these items were not particularly expensive, the program helped ease the added burden of having to buy specialized equipment.

Hopefully I won’t need more medical-related equipment in the near future. I plan to use my FLEXBenefits for a new TV and a personal laptop within the next few months. Thank you Palo Alto Networks for giving us this added account to use when we need it — whether it's for fun or for better health.

For more information about FLEXBenefits, visit the FLEXBenefits site.

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