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Why Brett Came Back (9)

Culture |

The Best Journeys Always Bring You Back Home

I had first joined Palo Alto Networks in 2014, but left after about three years to explore some different opportunities and to spread my wings a little bit. I certainly have fond memories of my first tenure with Palo Alto Networks in Melbourne. In…

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Welcome to Fargo: Palo Alto Networks SE Academy Expands to North Dakota

With today’s connected world and evolving threat landscape, there is a significant need for cybersecurity professionals. In its latest endeavor to bridge the cybersecurity skills gap, Palo Alto Networks is furthering the reach of its educational…

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Flexbenefits The Next Level Of Employee Choice (2)

FLEX and Choice |

FLEXBenefits: The Next Level of Employee Choice

Although the pandemic impacted every person differently, at Palo Alto Networks we wanted to support each employee as an individual with unique challenges to their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

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